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    Management of breeding chickens

    Chicken management goal is uniform, the uniformity should be greater than 80%, the target is 90%. During breeding, the hen undergoes a complete molt and 3 partial molt, 0 to 3 weeks to complete the 75% wing development, 3 to 6 weeks to complete the rest 2...

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    Rearing of bred chickens

    Through the adjustment of the feeding plan and the light plan can adjust the laying age of laying hens, Early production, the number of eggs increased, the egg weight is too small;The weight of the laying hens can be adjusted by limiting the feed, need to...

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    Management of chicks

    The management of chicks includes temperature, humidity, density, light and so on...

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    Feeding of chicks

    1. drinking water requirements First drink: add 5%-8% of glucose, antibiotics, vitamin C or electrolyte nutrient solution Temperature: 3 days before drinking cold boiled water, 4--8 days gradually transition, after 9 days of drinking tap water ...

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    The correct method of feeding and management of chicks

    1. choose the brooding mode The density and mode of brood will affect the performance of laying hens. The mode of brooding is divided into:raising chicks by net and cage brood etc., ...

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    the color of light matters

    As early as 1987 it was known that the color of light affects the birds performance (but the ability to use this information was limited , now with the development technologies ) and the ability to be more selective in the color of light delivered, resear...

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    chicken and lighting programs

    Research have examined the use of artificial lighting in the environment as an effective tool to manipulate certain processes, affect desirable behavior and encourage certain conditions for many decades. ...

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    Temperature and ligh control in layer poultry house

    chills the birds - resulting to poor temperature uniformity. Little moisture is removed from air or manure - leading to a high risk of ammonia. Because the moisture holding ability of air changes with temperature. ...

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    lighting layers--- the use of lighting programs in todays farming

    In farming, it is important to understand how different animals receive information from lights in their environments because light stimulation is one of the key environmental cues for initiation and synchronization of many physiological processes in an a...

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    Diefference Between Floor(Poultry) Chicken Feeding And Cage Feeding

    There is a wide range of different characteristics and features between floor/ground feeding and cage feeding. The major difference between the two is that cage system is better suited for large egg production. Therefore, better control of the environme...

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    The harm of water shortage to chicken

    The health of chickens is greatly affected by the quality of water,water quality requirements are more stringent, under normal production conditions chicken drinking water is generally more than 2 times the amount of feed intake....

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    The basic requirements of baby chicken care house

    Baby chicken care house with generally three basic requirements: 1.keep warm ,2. keep dry, 3.keep ventilated. ...

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    Brooding feeding management objectives:

    chickens healthy, no disease, brood end of the survival rate of 99.0% or more....

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    The physiological characteristics of 0-6 week old chicks

    1, Development of the digestive system is not perfect. Newly hatched chicks crop, and gizzard volume small, limited intake, and poor digestion, require feeding high protein, low in fiber and easy to digest feed, meet their rapid growth and development....

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    The control of incubation conditions

    3.1Temperature is an important factor to hatch,in the actual production there are two schwing methods:constant temperature and varying temperature,constant temperature 1day to 19 day is 37.8 ℃,20 day-21 days is 36.5℃--37.2℃;variable temperature incubator ...

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    Health problems associated with hair loss during culture

    When laying hens lose health due to health problems, egg production performance will be affected first. However, the health problems that cause laying hens are often a slow process and are not usually caused by acute infectious diseases....

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    The temperature of chicken cage

    We all know that temperature is very important during the brood and even can decide chicken weight. Have you done great temperature during brood? General when we just pick the chicks the temperature within the coop about 28 ℃ is ok .And then within 2-3 h...

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    How to management yout laying hen house in Autumn

    Autumn weather gradually cools, sunshine time gradually shortened, large temperature difference between day and night,  At a time of spring young layer chicken egg production peak , the laying hens raised for two periods (the spring chicks of last year) w...

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    How To Choose The Brood Cage

    There are many factors influence the growth and development of chicks, such as genetics, nutrition, environment, etc.In the case of general nutrition level gap is not big farms, farm environment became the key determinants of breeding success.In many envi...

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    Semi A type Four layers cage design

    Semi A type cages can improve the stocking density, but did not change manure scraper from fundamental way, the structure diagram shown as below:...

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    The building and the plan of the chicken farm

    Chicken Farms should be built in a quiet place sparsely populated, easy to isolate and quarantine work. In fact, only the strength of large farms can do, general chicken farms difficult to achieve, can only choose to build in remote from roads and settlem...

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    Open chicken house building plan

    Open chicken house with natural ventilation, natural lighting and solar radiation, carcass metabolic heat and other natural and biological environmental conditions to meet the chicken living environment. ...

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    Chicken technology experience sharing, chicken "four note"

    1.the aim of cutting beaking is to Prevent the chickens beak feather, beak, anus, fresh blood and other vice. Because the Breeding density is too large,Indoor light is too strong, short of feed trough and drinking trough,Crude fiber content is low; Poor v...

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    How to keep the best laying rate in summer

    Laying hens best optimum temperature is 15 degrees to 23 degrees, if more than 25 degrees will produce heat stress response, more serious can kill the chickens, general each year in late June to early September about 3 months of the hot climate, layer for...

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    Why should we cut chicken beak?

    It’s very cruel to cut the chicken beak. But it is for chicken group up smoothly.the work is indispensable....

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