JL-QY Automatic Gantry Feeding System

  • 1.labor saving and management easy controlled
  • 2.directly feed conveying, which is safe, convenient, power saving
  • 3,the feed machine can automatically turn, forward and backward

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  • gantry feeding system
  • gantry feeding system
  • gantry feeding system
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■ Descriptions
Automatic poultry feeding machine have 2 types:gantry type feeding machine and traction type feeding machine,these machine can transmit feed to the next equipment evenly and continuously, they also can adjust the amount of feed;

Automatic feeding machine:

Automatic feeding machine is widely used in animal husbandry,automatic feeders,automatic feeding equipment,and automatic assigns material equipment.Using the automatic feeding can realize feeding evenly; also can realize quantitative and proportional feeding.Institutions of automatic feeding: feeding machine is mainly made up of the frame, feeding box, feed sprocket, chain plate, electrical machine and so on.

Working principle: Motor driver sprocket feeding machine when it works, Sprocket driven chain plate rotating, Rotating chain plate will brought materials out from feeding box again

This equipment is used by lift material, material and Rail type feed skip, With a high degree of automation, low noise, uniform feeding, long using life, feeding speed, etc. Greatly improve Labor productivity. Avoiding cross-infection and the spread of liquidity virus by manual feeding,

So It is an ideal choice for large-scale chicken farm.

Structure specification:
1. The transverse conveying ground dragon. Twisted dragon outer barrel made of 2 mm thick steel tube, a diameter of 140 mm, twisted dragon made from 2 mm thick steel plate stamping, have the effect of feed to hopper.
2. The hopper. Made of 8 mm galvanized sheet, have the effect of material stock.
3. The control box. Contains a list of the remote control switch and walking speed, have the effect of control equipment to stop walking.
4. Walking mechanism. Including walking an axle and wheel, an axle choose 3 mm x 5 mm square steel, walking wheels made of 45 # round steel.
5. Walking speed regulating motor and gear motor. Speed regulating motor can adjust the speed and uniformity of blanking, deceleration motor control equipment of walking.
6. Lifting ground dragon motor. With a 1.1 kw motor, can play the role of to wring dragon rotary feeding. 7. Feeding machine bracket. Made of 4 * 6 square steel, thickness of 2 mm, have the effect of fixed support and attachment.
8. Lifting transport ground dragon. Hank dragon outer barrel made of 2 mm thick steel tube, a diameter of 140 mm, twisted dragon made from 2 mm thick steel plate stamping, have the effect of feed to transport ground dragon.

1. Time and energy, and efficient. From feeding - storage - points and material feeding, realize the whole process automation, and effort very much. Its efficiency is artificial feeding 20-30 times, using artificial feeding, a hen house every time feed usually need to 2-3 hours, and the automatic feeding machine need only 6 minutes at a time.
2. Uniform feeding. Artificial feeding and traditional feeding machine has the problem of feeding non-uniformity, the machine adopts the unique "helical gear precision feeding device", uniform feeding is very accurate.
3. Healthy breeding. Due to using automatic control, personnel without feeding into the henhouse, reduced the chance of chicken cross infection, is one of the most important for healthy aquaculture engineering technical measures.
Operating instruction: 
The machine from the expected design all automatic feeding, simple operation, easy maintenance, standard henhouse only need seven to eight minutes, you can feed a material, can reduce the artificial feeding and waste caused by the and save manpower, reduce the production cost, improve efficiency to reduce labor intensity and is necessary for modern farming equipment.

■ Technical Data
NO. Item Unit Specifications
1 Source Type / AC,3-Phase Source
2 Rated Power KW 1.1
3 Rated Voltage V 220/380
4 Hopper size: mm L660*W256*D500
5 Working Average Rate of the Crib g/m ±15
6 Outline Size(L*W*H) m (2.3~2.7)×(1.2~1.5)×(2.0~0.25)
7 Structure Weight kg 550
8 Working Speed M/Min 10--15
9 Feed Capacity of each Crib / 35kg~100kg/pc
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