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The correct method of feeding and management of chicks


1. choose the brooding mode

The density and mode of brood will affect the performance of laying hens. The mode of brooding is divided into:raising chicks by net and cage brood etc.,

(1) the advantages and disadvantages of
raising chicks by net

 Operation: breed chickens on the net 50-60 centimeters above the ground.
 AdvantageThe utility model is convenient for small-scale feeding and management, and has good sanitary conditions, and is suitable for large-scale farmers to use.
 Disadvantages: catching effort, low utilization of chicken house and high maintenance cost.

   (2) the advantages and disadvantages of cage brood.

Manipulation: a brood cage was placed in the brood chamber, and the brood cage was stacked, usually 4 layers.
        AdvantageHigh density, high labor productivity, convenient management, neat development, high survival rate.
        Disadvantages: requiring sanitary conditions and high level of feeding and management, high investment costs.

2.Make a brood plan

 The production cycle is longer (500 day old hens in general), so the egg production is a continuous production process, the need to develop plan according to the conditions of the existing equipment, farm funds and manpower. The plan should include: the number of breeding, plan into seedling time and required sheds and equipment, personnel, feed, medicine feeding water, electricity, vaccine, and liquidity.

3.Disinfection of chicken coop and equipment

 A week before brooding, the chicken coop, utensils and so on should be fumigated with formaldehyde, and the drinking water tank and the material trough can be sterilized and disinfected.

4. Others

Test the temperature of chicken house: 1-2 days before entering the chicken, the temperature of the house is up to 32-33. The temperature of the whole room can be reached.
        Drinking water: storage tank in the chicken house, so that chicks drink warm water, the temperature is best than 20 degrees Celsius.
        Feed: nutrient rich, digestible openings.

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