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Management of chicks


 The management of chicks includes temperature, humidity, density, light and so on

1. temperature

Temperature control principle: The temperature can not be too low, can’t sometimes hot and sometimes cold.

Procedures: the first week of the brood temperature control at 33--35 degrees Celsius, The weekly temperature is reduced by 2--3 degrees centigrade, until 18 - 20 degrees Celsius

Observe the temperature of hen house: Sherwin performance: Chicken quiet, bright hair, good mental state, appetite.

Other: when heating, pay attention to summing up the law of temperature, easy to control humidity. After the chicks enter the henhouse, can also raise the chicken coop temperature by 2 - 3 degrees.

Cool down: choose cool down the temperature at noon, gradually (3 - 5 days), to prevent make the chicken get cold. To avoid the various stress during cooling (immune, turn, disease, cold, refueling). After cooling can keep dry, water trough, etc. to maintain the status.

2. humidity

If the chicks are kept in a dry environment for too long, they lose a lot of water or are dehydrated

The role of humidity: at the beginning of the week to give higher humidity, maintain normal metabolic activities of chickens, absorption of the yolk, to avoid dehydration, promote feather growth, improve survival

Drying: breathing in the process of breathing dry air, exhaled moist air, the body is easy to lose a lot of water, it will increase the amount of water, thereby affecting the normal physiological activities of the body and digestion and absorption

Note: The 14 - 60 days are the easy time of coccidiosis, so keep the house dry and prevent coccidiosis

Humidity: 1 - 10 days old, 70%, 11 - 30 days old, 65%, 30 - 42 days old, 60%, highest 75%, minimum 40%

Wet method: the water table in the brooding room and the disinfection with chicken

3. density

Week age: 0 - 6 weeks old, net breeding, the number of 35 per square metre breeding

0 - 1 weeks of age, cage breeding, per square meter feeding quantity 60.

1 - 3 weeks of age, cage breeding, per square meter feeding quantity 40.

3 - 6 weeks of age, cage breeding, per square meter of feed 35.

4. illumination

In the brood stage, the duration of light time should be shortened or kept constant, and the length of the light time should not be shortened, so as to prevent premature maturation and affect the weight of eggs and the subsequent egg production

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