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The temperature of chicken cage


We all know that temperature is very important during the brood and even can decide chicken weight. Have you done great temperature during brood?

General when we just pick the chicks the temperature within the coop about 28 ℃ is ok .And then within 2-3 hours we can enhance the temperature to comfortable degree. In the spring and autumn , temperature should be around 35 ℃ , In the winter should around 36-37 ℃, 33-35 ℃ in the summer, of course, these have direct relationship with the room temperature. Here are some of the data:

The newly born chicken temperature lower about 2 ℃ - 30 ℃ than adult chicken. 10 days later chick body temperature begins near to adult chicken. 20 days later chick body temperature develops well and can be steady. If chick body temperature cannot be maintained well, chicks cannot grow normally and even is difficult to survive.

Chicken belong to constant temperature animal, they can maintain a relatively constant body temperature in certain environment, but beyond a certain temperature range, chicken body temperature can be increased or decreased with ambient temperature. When the body temperature is reduced to 50% of the chickens died, we said the lower limit of lethal body temperature, and vice versa, said high-lethal body temperature. The mortality for 1 day chicks was 15.4 ~ -15.8 ℃. The younger the chicks, the stronger resistance to low body temperature. But for the cold resistance , adult chickens could tolerate 1 hour in the environment of -50 ℃, IO ℃ -15 ℃ ambient temperature is lethal temperature for 1-day-old chickens, if the temperature is gradually decreased, even under 25 ℃ environment, it can make young chicks die. The mortality of the newborn chicks was 45 ℃ -47.8 ℃. 

Therefore, the appropriate temperature is the key to the success or failure for brooding. Young chicks remains some egg yolk which is not be absorbed, during 3-5 days chicks get nutrients mainly from the remaining yolk. So under nice temperature and enough water condition, it can help chick absorption and enhance the chick's physique, improve the survival rate. Especially for weak young, appropriate to improve brooding temperature is more beneficial, 1-7 days is about 36-35 ℃ . So, we have to make a plan according to the physiological characteristics of chickens:

(1-7 days) 35-37℃

(8-14 days) Each day decrease 0.5℃ or two days decrease 1℃, so range should be 32-35℃

(14--21 days) Each day decrease 0.5℃ or two days decrease 1℃, so range should be 28-32℃

(21-31 days) Three days decrease 3℃, so range should be 25-28℃,since

during this time, chick itself can adjust temperature and can strength  ventilation step by step.

(31--35 days) We advise decrease 1-2℃, so can help chick adapt low temperature and prevent cold. The whole temperature can be decided based on shed environment and condition.

(35 days—full grown)18-23℃ are ok, with good ventilation , your chicken will be health. Since during this period, temperature is not the key point anymore and

broiler intake the best and can grow fast.

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