JY-JYQ Poultry Chemical Feed Pump

  • Pressure 0.3-6bar
  • Flow range 10l/h-2.5m3/h
  • Mother liquid flow 0.02-50l/h
  • Proportion 0.2-2%(1:500-1:50)

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  • Poultry Chemical Feed Pump
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■ Descriptions
►Product introduction of chemical feed pump:
Chemical feed pump is directly installed on the feed pipe, the flow water in the pipe as the power.water drive pump work,  pump draw concentrate from the container,and then injected concentrate into the water.Concentrate fully mixed with water in the pump, water will dilute the mixture to the downstream pipe network.

►Features of chemical feed pump:
1.Powered by water, do not need power;
2.Precise automatic dosing proportion mixing, is not affected by the flow of water pressure fluctuations;
3.Complete quantitative dosing and mixed function;
4.Accurate: positive displacement hydraulic motor driven quantitative
5.Suction (dosing) : continuous injection of condensed liquid in proportion.
6.Adjusting control: with the water flow into the accurate proportion servo control.
7.Automatic mixing: water and liquid interior evenly mixed automatically.
8.Easy installation and maintenance;
9.Flexible dosing ratio control;
10.Pump body corrosion, a variety of optional material;


1.Animal husbandry, through the realization of automatic dispensing proportion in drinking water
2.Horticulture: without power supply automatic water water the flowers
3.Water irrigation: no power ratio by volume, automatically irrigation fertilizer ingredients
4.Environmental protection and water treatment, water power automatic dosing and reagent dilution ratio of mixed proportion

1.In order to prolong the service life of the dosing pump, it is suggested that the dosing pump inlet side to install a 60 micron filter;
2.Please turn off the water switch before adjust injection ratio, the pressure in the pipeline is zero;
3.Suction tube filter tube at the bottom of the reach of containers, lest sediment suction dosing pump;
4.After dosing and application of water instead of solution to make dosing pump working for a period of time, in order to achieve clean the dosing pump.

►Pictures show


■ Technical Data
Pressure 0.3-6bar
Flow range 10l/h-2.5m3/h
Mother liquid flow 0.02-50l/h
Proportion 0.2-2%(1:500-1:50)
Pipe Size 3/4”(25mm)
Working temperature 5-40℃
Package carton

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