Composite Materials Egg Woven Conveyor Belt

  • Material: Composite materials
  • Width: 50-700mm
  • Thickness: 1-1.3mm
  • Weight: 2.3kg/m2

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■ Descriptions
♦Composite egg belt, based on a variety of raw materials, manufactured by a special process.

♦Composite egg conveyor belts can reduce egg breakage rate of transport, it also can cleanup eggs.Bacterial and fungal resistance of the composite belt is very strong,it also can resist acid and alkali.This is a special quality conveyor belt, it is not conducive to the breeding of salmonella.

♦Composite material is neither absorbent nor restricted by temperature, so it can be suitable for any climate change.One of the characteristics of polypropylene belt is that it can be directly rinsed in cold water.

♦Our composite line UV and anti-static treatment, so it is more difficult to absorb dust. Polypropylene belt by sewing or welding, connect them together, the standard width of 100mm. Users can customize their own needs color and length. A width of 50 mm to 700 mm.

1.High efficient and stable.
2.Reducing labor inputs, time and cost.
3.Reducing the rate of broken eggs.
4.Increasing farming efficiency.
5.Easy to use and manage.
6.New type design,durable and reliable.
7.Nylon material,can use for at least 10 years.
8.10 mm wide,suitable for egg chicken,layer quails and pigeon.

■ Technical Data
Product Egg belt
Material Composite Materials
Thickness 1-1.3mm
Width 50-700mm
Weight 2.3kg/m2
Length Depends on customers requirements
Packing Standard package
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