Egg nest plastic pad

  • size: 35*30*2cm
  • Weight: 0.3 KG
  • Application: egg nest

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  • Artificial plastic egg-laying box straw mat
  • Artificial plastic egg-laying box straw mat
  • Artificial plastic egg-laying box straw mat
  • Artificial plastic egg-laying box straw mat
  • Artificial plastic egg-laying box straw mat
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■ Descriptions
Product name: straw, artificial straw, egg box straw, plastic straw, straw, artificial straw
Product size: 35*30*2cm
The artificial plastic egg-laying box straw mat is a kind of egg-laying box leaking dung-type straw mat suitable for intensive flat breeding of egg chickens and turkeys. It replaces the traditional rice husk straw. Its base pad is composed of cross-connection of ribs, manure leakage holes are arranged at the inner end of the base pad at equal distances, and soft pillars are arranged on the upper part of the intersecting surface of the ribs. Many soft pillars form a simulated plastic straw mat, which effectively avoids the damage of the eggs, reduces the contact surface between the needle and the eggs, improves the cleanliness of the eggs, and the leakage holes are easy for chicken manure to leak out, avoiding the accumulation of chicken manure in the nest. Easy to rinse, convenient to clean, reduce labor intensity, make eggs clean and hygienic, and reduce production costs.
Advantages of egg box straw mats:
1. Roll the eggs onto a soft mat, which is not easy to break.
2. The eggs are very clean, reducing the probability of eggs being stained by feathers.
3. More comfortable, hens will prefer to go to the egg box to lay eggs, reducing the number of eggs outside the box, making it easier to pick up eggs.
4. It is easy to clean and disinfect, and can be cleaned directly with a water gun. The straw mat adopts a hollow design at the bottom, so that the cleaning water can flow out quickly, and it is easy to clean and disinfect.
5. Make the breeding income high. The traditional egg box is usually filled with rice husks. Chickens like to get the rice husks out of the box, and workers must clean them frequently.
6. Both laying hens and breeders can be used.
7. Longer service life. Many large chicken farms have gradually replaced rice husk and straw with it.

egg box straw
egg box straw

egg box straw
■ Technical Data
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