Poultry automatic feed line

  • Material: Plastic + Metal
  • Feature: 3 meters 4 holes
  • Transmission speed 450kg/h
  • Application: Poultry feeder line

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  • Poultry automatic feed line
  • Poultry automatic feed line
  • Poultry automatic feed line
  • Poultry automatic feed line
  • Poultry automatic feed line
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■ Descriptions
Equipment introduction:
Automatic chicken feeder system are widely used in broilers, layers, ducks, gooses etc Main automatic chicken feeder systemis a
complete set of automatic feeding system, including a material conveying pipe,silo, auger, drive motor and a material level
sensor. Main Feed line is mainly used to deliver feed from silo to the hopper in the feeding pan system .There is one feed sensor
at the end of main feed line, which can control the drive motor on and off to realize automatically feeding.
1.The pan feeding line include: The pan feeder / galvanized pipe / feed auger / feed bin / drive motor / feed sensor / The winch
2.The pan feeder : Made by copolymerization PP (engineering plastics), low fat soluble
3.Tell us your chicken house length and width, we could design how many feeding lines you need.
1--Save time and labor, one shed just need one person.
2--Increase survival rate.
3--Easier to operate.
4--Easier to install and clean.
5--Longer service life.
6--Competitive price.
7--Complete controlled poultry equipment
poultry automatic feeder line
Plastic + Metal
3 meters 4 holes
Transmission speed
Poultry feeder line
Tube dia
45 mm
14 or 12
Feeding method

■ Technical Data
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