Poultry/chicken plastic net floor

  • Material: HDPE
  • Weave: thermoplastic cold setting
  • Color: white, green, black, other colors can be customized.

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■ Descriptions
Introduction of poultry plastic net floor:
Plastic net floor is mainly used for chicken,duck,goose,rabbit,and  other poultry's house.This floor is corrosion resistant and easy to clean,can obviously improve the environment of poultry farm.

Weave:thermoplastic cold setting;
Color:white, green, black, other colors can be customized;
Features:wear-resisting, acid, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance is strong, great toughness;
1.Used as bottom mesh, fence netting, and Marine aquaculture net (all sorts of model such as chickens and ducks silkworm shrimp);
2.As lining material of the mattress;
3.For highway subgrade strengthening, retaining soil slope protection engineering network.

1.PVC material plastic floor covering;
2.poultry farm plastic chicken slat flooring;
3.Corrosion resistant and easy to clean,environmental.

1.Easy to install, uninstall, clean and disinfect.plastic floor covering;
2.Improves poultry health and bird productivity;
3.Keeps poultry coops cleaner and drier;
4.Reduces cleaning time and labor cost;
5.Suitable for any dimensions of poultry house. Panels can be easily cut to assemble;
6.Suitable for different animals. Flatness can be easily controlled through its four supports;
7.Shatter-proof and warp-proof with 10 years life-span and very competitive price.

■ Technical Data
Model Diameter(holes) Suitable for
S 0.8-1.2cm Baby chicken
M 1.6-1.8cm  
L 2.0-4.0cm  
Net Width:0.7m,1.5m,2m,2.5m;             Net Length:50m;
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