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    SCO Represents A New International Order

    Premier Li Keqiang hailed the cooperation and harmony among member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Zhengzhou, Henan province, on Dec 14....

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    China-Africa 10 Cooperation We Only Do Agricultural

    A good new from the Summit is our China President Xi Jinping had announced the "10 major plans" in cooperation with Africa in the coming three years, among the "10 major plans", Agricultural Modernization and Industrial Modernization are the top two p...

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    The Overall Design Scheme Of Chicken Farm

    In recent years, more and more farmers began to seek multilateral economic resources, preparing a lot of money with financing, joint venture, sole proprietorship, etc., transferred to standardized, large-scale farming model,There appeared the 100000, 2000...

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    Korea Business Meetings

    Central China Chamber Of Commerce,attended the 18th TCI Global Conference in Korea on November 4, 2015,6 companies to negotiate with many domestic companies....

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    How To Correctly Transport Chicks

    Chicks out of their shells,marek's disease vaccine, after a period of rest,then can transport....

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    Laying Hens Cage Type And Choice

    There are some structure features difference between ordinary cages and laying hens cages, When design hens cage, we need to consider laying hens habits and the collection of eggs.These two points are unique characteristics of laying hens cage.Its specifi...

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    Why Laying Hen Long-term Lay Small Eggs

    Small eggs have two types:Have egg yolk;Egg weight was lower than that in different stages of the breed standard;Another kind is no egg yolk,size is the same as a pigeon eggs,this is one of the abnormal eggs,the reason is different....

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    How To Correctly Use Chicken Nipple Drinkers

    Chicken drinkers have cup type,tower type,trough type and so on.Different chicken drinkers suitable for different chickens....

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    4 Factors Easy Cause Chicken Diarrhea

    4 Factors Easy Cause Chicken Diarrhea 1.Salt content is too high. 2.Powder amount is too high. 3.The crude protein levels are too high. 4.Raw material....

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    How To Improve The Egg Production

    How To Improve The Egg Production 1.Thermal Insulation And Heat; 2.Scientifically formulated feed; 3.Reduce Stress; 4.Increasing light; 5.Pidemic prevention....

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    Closed And Open Building Types Of Layer House

    Closed type layer house is also called the windowless chicken coops;Open layer house also call a hen house window, use of natural light during the day, by the switch window to regulate the temperature of a powder with ventilated take a breath and control....

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    HK DANONG Group Limited Expand Training

    We have an outdoor expand training on 2015-7-2....

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    The Reason Of Death During The Egg Hatching

    Dissatisfied with grazing News (Chinese poultry net) News: 1. Blood ring inside the eggs, embryo death in 1 to 4 days, the eggs stored for too long, or the sto...

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    Livestock fan air system

    Simply put air systems, including livestock and its fans into the u or export or both connected lines. More complex systems including livestock air.......

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    Cold weather cattle precautions

    The crude material was washed with water before feeding, cut to 8 cm --10 cm. If the coarse material undernourished.......