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Diefference Between Floor(Poultry) Chicken Feeding And Cage Feeding


There is a wide range of different characteristics and features between floor/ground feeding and cage feeding.

The major difference between the two is that 
cage system is better suited for large egg production. Therefore, better control of the environment,water and feed qualities,less fecal contamination of eggs, with less un-saleable eggs are critical for economic success. Clean drinkers and feeders are not easily maintained to protect the hens from the impact of outside environment in the non-conventional system.

High percentage of unsaleable eggs and less marketable eggs are due to cracks and breakages in eggs collected from the floor system.

Egg laying systems are designed for low production cost with a high degree of mechanism to increase production and egg quality.

Higher egg production may be due to greater efficiency in feed utilization,as the dietary energy is converted more efficiently to egg production due to the hens confinement,whereas hens in floor pens use more feed energy for exercising, scratching , and bathing in the litter.
In conclusion there are significant differences in total egg production, marketable egg production ,microbial contamination between eggs from conventional cage systems and floor laying systems.

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