JD-C-760 C Ring Nail Gun

  • Trademark woodpecker
  • Category Air coil nailer
  • Specification 271×92×220mm( LWH)
  • Net weight 1.76(kg)
  • Nail Length 16.9×8.5(mm)
  • Max.Pressure 8kg/cm²

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  • C ring nail gun
  • C ring nail gun
  • C ring nail gun
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■ Descriptions
Safety instructions of thef the C ring nail gun:

1. Light weight, well balanced and easy operation.

2. Professional application program according with human body mechanics

3. Open nose design for easy extraction of jammed nails.

4. Die-casting aluminum body for ultra long service life.

5. Rubber wrapping handle for comfortable operation.

6. Compact structure, new reasonable nail box design, Hardened claw tip.

Safety instructions of the C ring nail gun:

1. Please read the tool instructions carefully before operation.

2. Please wear goggles and ear flaps to ensure safety.

3. Connect air compressor before operation and control air pressure within 8 kg/cm².

4. Do not put gun mouth towards the body, so as not to cause harm.

5. Do not use oxygen, flammable and explosive gas as power supply.

6. Please choose the right specification nail.

7. If discover the device failure, do not continue to use.

8. When maintaining tools, be sure to disconnect the air supply and remove the residual nails.

9. Don't squeeze the nail gun, lest affect nail gun performance.
■ Technical Data
Operating instructions of theeter of the C ring nail gun:


pneumatic nail gun, pneumatic hog ring tool, gun nails






Brand new

Place of origine

Henan China




Air coil nailer


271×92×220mm( LWH) 

Net weight


Nail Length




Recommended working pressure 


Quick disconnect coupling


Nail Capacity


Fitting tube


Power Source 





Mattress tools

Nail type

SC-660 Galvanized C nail or stainless steel C nail


Manufacturing and fastening of pet or poultry cages, mattress, cushions, fence, sofa,etc.

More Usage

1. Auto mobile mattress manufacture.2. Pet or poultry cage manufacturer

3. Connection of the net and cloth edges.4. Independent bagged spring mattress fastening

5. Spring mattress, pet or poultry cage, net structure fastening, bag closure

Operating instructions of the C ring nail gun:

1).The first step:Installing nails:
1.Remove the air connector under the unpowered condition.
2. Choose the needed specification nails.
3. Put the nail on the nail guiderod.
4. push the nails to the end of the guiderod.

2).The second step: Nailing:

1. Connect the air source.
2. Aim the clamp at working substance first, then start the trigger.
3. Don’t operate without nails,in case of damage the firing pin.

3).The third shep: Maintenance:

1. Before using the tool, better to add 1 ~ 2 drops of lubricating oil in the air joints
2. Please keep all parts of the nail gun clean, out of any debris or glue.
3. Please do not disassemble tools to avoid damage.
4. If tools can't normally work, please maintain it timely and correctly.

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