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Open chicken house building plan


Open chicken house with natural ventilation, natural lighting and solar radiation, carcass metabolic heat and other natural and biological environmental conditions to meet the chicken living environment. This chicken house open all upper half sidewall , with double curtain in plastic woven screens or a double-glazed steel with multifunction louver for the north and south sides ,by rolling or window control the degree of opening and closing eaves vents tissue ventilation. Taking advantage of the eaves on the window and the wind sweeping up and down to form the convection ventilation so can enhance ventilation and achieve the purpose of cooling. Solar radiation energy received inside and outside in the greenhouse and with two double window or shutter to make sure winter warming and insulation effect.

Applicability range: Both layers and broilers, or different stages of rearing chickens (baby chicken, grower, laying hens) all can be adapted. It fits the whole country, especially for abundant solar energy resources region, winter effect can be best.

With this situation sheds benefits: Compared with the traditional closed sheds, construction investment savings of 1/4 to 1/3. A substantial saving in the daily management for electricity closed 1/5 ~ 1/20.

1. House building structure: Depending on the region and conditions, there are two types of construction, masonry type and assembly type. Masonry type open house, there is a large light steel wavy tile roof, reinforced concrete structure flat tile roof, brick arch shell roof, concrete structural beams, slab-column, perforated plate roof; there are high bed, semi-high beds, and more across multiple and a continuous layer structure of an open house; Prefabricated sheds composite plate also has a variety of composite materials: galvanized sheet metal, metal color plates, aluminum plates, glass and steel high-pressure grate bamboo plywood; core layer (insulation layer) polyurethane, polystyrene and other polymer plastic foam, and rock wool, slag wool, mineral fiber materials. Prefabricated sheds components and parts professional manufacturers.

2. House size: The buildings are coop 8m span, 2.6 ~ 2.8m height. 3m bays, depending on the capacity of adult coop chicken and a given amount of chicken bits to confirm the length and the corresponding support. Such as for two 3-layer cages entire aisle rack 3 cloths out for 5376 chicken bits (Figure 4-28). Baby chicken house is 33m long, rearing house is 54m long.

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