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The harm of water shortage to chicken


Research shows:
The health of chickens is greatly affected by the quality of water,water quality requirements are more stringent, under normal production conditions chicken drinking water is generally more than 2 times the amount of feed intake.

Solid materials generally no more than 1500 - 3000 mg / kg in water, pH between 6 - 8.5. If there are more impurities in the water, it will lead to a decrease in the palatability of the water, thereby reducing the amount of drinking water.Hence the need to supply the chickens with fresh, cool and clean water.

The harm of water shortage to chicken:
Because water is easy to obtain and at a low cost,so it is often not taken seriously.Water shortage will cause serious harm on chickens (animal) health and production performance. When 1%-2% of the body water is lost, it will significantly affect the appetite of the chicken. In particular, chickens don’t want to eat dry feed, if the body water loss is around 8%-10%, it will cause metabolic disorders while more than 20% will cause death.

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