2T/h feed production line

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  • 2T/h feed production line
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 Product name: 2T/h feed production line


Material: Copper core motor,Stainless steel


Applicable types: Poultry, livestock, pets;


Feed processing type: Soybean meal, corn, grain, straw, wheat bran, etc .;


Product   Features     


-1. Coupling operation;


-2. High efficiency;


-3. Strong and wear-resistant;


-4. Durable;


-5. Precision machining;


-6. Copper core motor.


Product advantages    


-1. Extensive processing feed

Particle length can be adjusted, thickness can be selected;


-2. Upgrade grinding wheel

High-quality Ming Manganese steel material for longer service life;


-3. Stable and durable

Made of stainless steel, after high temperature hardening, it is more durable than ordinary steel;


-4. Newly upgraded coupling operation

Less transmission ratio loss and less loss;


-5. Nylon pulley

Will not damage and strong load;


-6. Bright blue body

After six baking processes;


-7. Increase the outlet

There are baffles on both sides to prevent the feed from falling;


-8. Widen and increase the inlet

It is convenient to put the feed ingredients that need to be made into the feed port;


Pellet mill in good price details: 

This small home use pellet mill in good price is output from 50kg to 500kg per hour, it is fit for the home use or the small farm or the small factory.  It is mainly fit for make all kinds of feed pellets, such as the chicken feed pellet, sinking fish feed pellets, dug pellets and etc. the working principle is the flat die fixed but the flat die rotary. when the flat die rotary, drves the rollers rotary.

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