JY-JY-01 Poultry Drinking System Water Pressure Regulator

  • Material: ABS Engineering plastic
  • Connection pipe: 25mm/26.6mm/Or square pipe
  • Suitable for: Poultry automatic drinker equipment
  • Advantage: Never blocked up and saving water

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■ Descriptions
Poultry water pressure regulator are an extremely important part of your watering system as they allow you to control the amount of pressure in your water line.Whether the pressure is too high or too low, Regulators can regulate and stabilize the pressure making sure the proper amount of water is in the pipe at any given time.


1.This product is made of imported high wear acetal copolymer resin;
2.Saving water,never blocked up,never leak.
3.Medicine can be added to the waterline through medicator.
4.Water rank smoothly,suitable for 30 meters long waterline.

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■ Technical Data
Brand name new design chicken water pressure regulator
modul number JH66
material ABS Engineering plastic
Show tube 25MM/26.6MM/Or square pipe
hight 600mm
Regulating Range 0.1-0.6Mpa
Water level tube length 400~600mm
Assembly Dia 200mm
use Chicken farm drinking system

We also have another product that also have the effect to control the pressure of water,it is water pressure tank,the price of water pressure tank is cheap than water pressure regulator,if you interested in the tank,please view it in our website.

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