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The building and the plan of the chicken farm


Chicken Farms should be built in a quiet place sparsely populated, easy to isolate and quarantine work. In fact, only the strength of large farms can do, general chicken farms difficult to achieve, can only choose to build in remote from roads and settlements, the greater the distance the better, to be separated by a minimum of 1 to 2 thousand Meter. Suburban chicken farmers build more farm people live in the vicinity, the members have been frequent opportunities chicken with the outside world is more, is not conducive to disease prevention and control, only to strengthen disinfection, in order to ensure the healthy growth of chickens.

The plan of the chicken farm

First, chicken farm production areas within the living area farm staff should be separated from the living area should be built outside the farm production areas, should be at least 500 meters away or more.

Second, the chicken house should be building brick and cement floor, contributing to the development of disinfection and epidemic prevention work

Third, in the same-day-old chicken breeding farms, the whole all-out system is conducive to disease prevention and control and to carry out disinfection.

Fourth, when farm production area rearing chickens of different ages, the distribution of the chicken house should be reasonable, chicken house, back house should be built on the limelight in the commodity house, so that is conducive to disease prevention and control, to prevent commodity chicken epidemic spread to chickens.

Fifth, the production area sheds and sheds, should maintain a certain distance from a house to prevent the discharge of dirty air and into another person within the house.

Sixth, farm production areas should be established fence to prevent wild animals from entering. Out of the production area should be built with disinfectant pool, pool disinfection length is enough out of the vehicle wheels turn 1.5 turns, width of 1.5 times the width of the vehicle. The depth of immersion disinfectant to be 2/3 the height of the wheel.

Seventh,It should be planted between its seven farms outside the house and tree farms within easy sheds shade and clean air, but should not be planted tall trees species, because this would lead to wild birds nesting trees and clusters It is not conducive to the prevention work.

Eighth, clearing weeds near the house to prevent the breeding of insects, while paying attention to rodent control and eradication of the house within mosquitoes, flies and other harmful insects.


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