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the color of light matters


As early as 1987 it was known that the color of light affects the birds performance (but the ability to use this information was limited , now with the development technologies ) and the ability to be more selective in the color of light delivered, research has discovered how useful a tool the color of light can be in enhancing flock performance.

There are substantial benefits to using the proper color of light in the poultry barn. The effects can be long term ,be impacting the onset of first lay or short term by influencing the level of aggressiveness within the flock.

The science behind these findings shows that some of the birds deep brain photo-receptors are stimulated into action by only very specific colors of light. The stimulation's  of these photo receptors is very important since they signal the production and release of certain hormones ; hormones responsible for such actions as sexual development, aggressive behavior and egg production. (EI HALAWANI,2013)

Red light has a significant impact on egg-laying performance and much research has been done on which type of red light is more beneficial. Two recent studies EL HALAWANI 2009, HUBER- EICHER ETAL 2013 show that red light (630 wavelength) is more beneficial to laying hens; this particular color is “superior to any other wavelength in increasing egg production” (EL HALAWANI 2009)

Blue light improves growth (LEWIS AND MORRIS,2000) and reduces activity (RODENBOOG, 2001).

EL HALAWANI in 2013 examined the application of these two light colors at different times during the day in a single LED bulb. His findings showed that a programmed LED light, emitting both red and blue lights selectively throughout the day was most beneficial to flock performance.

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