chicken plucker machine

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  • chicken plucker machine
  • chicken plucker machine
  • chicken plucker machine
  • chicken plucker machine
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chicken plucker machine poultry feather plucking machine 

Machine:Stainless steel body (surface with film on stainless steel)
.Packing:wood box for export
Machine/Equipment:Drum Type Chicken Broiler Plucking Machine
Dimensions 640*640*910
Power(W) 2200
Speed (r/min) 240
Productivity/Time 10 chickens or ducks around 1KG
Productivity/Hour 200 kg
11304855086_49641945.jpgRubber depilator sticks for poultry depilation machine 35 depilation sticks for pigeon and quail depilator poultry depilation machine 30 pigeon and chick depilator home automatic depilator chicken duck small depilator11304849099_49641945.jpg11339533564_49641945.jpgPoultry hair removal machine11304825718_49641945.jpgElectric Chicken Plucker :

Here's an economical way to "dress" your "birds" -- whether they are chickens, ducks, geese or turkeys. The Chicken Plucker, also known as a Poultry Plucker, works for you by plucking the feathers in just thirty seconds.
This machine is ideal for poultry farms or chicken supply shop.

Chicken Plucker Features:

1.Heavy duty commercial grade professional poultry plucker
2.Stainless steel tube/rotating drum and housing
3.Featehr & water discharge & water tap, easy clean up
4.ON/OFF switch control pillar, to prevent of electric shock
5.3 Sheets covered the motor to avoid water into it
6.4 Rubber legs free standing
7.Ultra soft plucking fingers (Yellow or Blacke)11304807925_49641945.jpg11304819708_49641945.jpgEasy operation
Simple structure
Good quality
Low price
High hygiene standard
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