Air Inlet

  • Material engineering plastic
  • Size 1 645*600*310*250*150mm
  • Size 2 600*550*325*265*120mm
  • Color black
  • service life more than 10 year
  • application livestock and poultry shed

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  • air inlet
  • air inlet
  • air inlet
 Layer chicken cage
 Automatic feeding system
 Automatic drinking system
 Broiler ground system
 Environmental control system
 Manure removal system
 Egg collecting system
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■ Descriptions
The air inlet can provide chicken shed enough oxygen and fresh air, and keep the temperature balance,this is one part of the environment control system,
This air inlet is suitable for large scale chicken farm as effectively ventilation equipment to reduce the temperature and prevent diseases inside the chicken shed,
It can be easily installed on the side wall.

►The feature of the air inlet:

1).Made of excellent quantity engineering plastic by injection molding,high density and more firmly.

 2).With UV resistant additive,air inlet has stronger anti aging ability,longer service life,better sealing,flexible opening.

 3).With two pulleys desigh,easy opening,reduce friction,strength rope.

 4).Air inlet door uses the pulley device fistly to reduct friction and strengthen the rope's service life.

■ Technical Data

 ►Different model:

Size:A type:645*600*310*250*150mm;
        B type:600*550*325*265*120mm.


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