Poultry House Evaporative Cooling Pad

  • Size( T* W*H*) 100mm 200mm 900mm
  • Size( T* W*H*) 150mm 600mm 2000mm
  • α 45°
  • β 45°
  • h 7
  • Frame hot dip galvanizing frame,aluminum alloy and steel farme

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■ Descriptions
The principle of cooling pad sytem:
Evaporative cooling pad  is a special paper honeycomb material , its working principle is " water evaporation absorbs heat ," the nature of the physical phenomena. After the evaporation of water by gravity flow from the top down in the wet curtain corrugated fiber surface water film formation , when the rapid flow of air through the wet curtain of water film of water in the air will absorb a lot of heat away latent heat so through the wet curtain air temperature lower so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.
Feature of the cooling pad system:

1). This cooling pad can be widely used in Livestock, Poultry farming and Greenhouse.

2). Frame has three kinds selectable: Aluminum Alloy and Galvanized Steel and steel farme

3). Evaporative cooling pads consist of corrugated sheets of cellulose glued in an opposite sequence, which generates air passage inside the pads. These sheets have very high ability in absorbing water and are chemically treated to prevent disintegration.

4). Cooling pads are energy saving, environmentally friendly and economically viable as they reduce temperatures without gas emissions and at minimal energy costs with the right controllers, it is possible to keep indoor temperatures within 5 degrees F regardless of external temperature.

5). "Cooling pad + ventilation fan" tunnel ventilation is the most economical and efficient cooling way in summer. Reasonable design and installation of cooling pad with ventilation fan can control the temp at 30 degrees in the poultry house even at the hottest weather.


■ Technical Data
Model Thickness Width Height α β h
1 100mm 200mm 900mm 45° 45° 7
2 150mm 600mm 2000mm 45° 45° 7

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