JY-RT Poultry Nipple Drinker

  • 1. Material: Plastic and stainless-steel ball
  • 2. 360 degree sensitivity to meet all chickens’ drinking need
  • 3. Never get rusty Save Water
  • 4. Never leak and save water
  • 5. Water falling smoothly
  • 6. Nipple will not be blocked up

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■ Descriptions
Features of our nipple drinker:
1. Material: Plastic and stainless-steel ball 
2. 360 degree sensitivity to meet all chickens’ drinking need
3. Never get rusty Save Water
4. Never leak and save water
5. Water falling smoothly
6. Nipple will not be blocked up
7. Easy to install and dismantle
9. High strength and corrosion resistance
10. Flexible and fresh water supply

The front-end drinking system can use filter, intelligent water meter, medicine adding device and water regulator than can choose by customers according to the need. It also can match the water cup or V type water trough below the nipples. Tail end has the water level display tube, convenient to water observation.
360°degree nipple, made by high standard stainless steel, excellent overview and the surface is smooth to achieve sealing effect.
According to chicken′s drinking need during different growing period, we have designed a high quality drinking system without leaking. The metabolic waste is easy to clean and transport so that it greatly reduces the pollution of the henhouse and the surroundings.

Nipple drinkers:
Fully closed design, pressure regulating and filtration together, can regulate the water arbitrary length pressure of chicken coop

You can find we have many types nipple drinkers from the pictures,such as spring loaded chicken drinker,ball valve drinkers,tee type drinkers and so on.Each product has its own advantages,if you want to know more,please check it.
■ Technical Data
Drinking system 1.suck nipple is separate net, so both of the chicken can peck
2.360-degree rotating design, big flow rate, water enough
3.high quality water pipe, never burst in water
4.easy to satisfy the drinking demand of chicken
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