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Management of breeding chickens


 Chicken management goal is uniform, the uniformity should be greater than 80%, the target is 90%. During breeding, the hen undergoes a complete molt and 3 partial molt, 0 to 3 weeks to complete the 75% wing development, 3 to 6 weeks to complete the rest 25%. Out of feather development early, light management and other management need to pay attention to.

Reasons affecting the uniformity of chicken flocks

1. uneven distribution of feed

In the chain feeding system, the chain length causes feed classification, makes the feed distribution in the trough uneven;

2. feeding density

After 3 weeks of age, full use of cages or ground can not ensure that every chicken has a feeding space.

3. differences in feed morphology

The feed grains at the end of the feed line are small and the particles at the front are coarser.

4. differences in feeding conditions

The cage temperature, light, humidity and so on are different.

5. waterline

The pressure and velocity of water vary, and the pressure and velocity at the end of the waterline are lower.

6. weighing

The representativeness of sampling, The more samples, the more accurate the data.

The management the breeding house

When the chicks are 5 to 6 weeks old, they are transferred from the brood room to the rearing room. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the house equipment before transferring. The first day of the rotation requires 24 hours of light, Help the chicks familiar with the environment, supplemented by indoor temperature, According to the status of chickens sub-cage breeding, the number of chickens per cage was equally distributed.

Other management measures

1. environmental sanitation and disinfection 

At least once a week with chicken spray disinfection.

2. strengthen ventilation

With the increase of the age of chickens, the ventilation rate should be increased gradually, and the ammonia concentration in the control house will be controlled.

3.timely turn into the hen house

2-3 weeks before delivery, the breeding chicken into the chicken coop, Eliminate sick chicken and weak chicken in time

Strengthen weight testing, real-time adjustment of flocks; do pest control and epidemic prevention.

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