Veterinary continuous syringe injector for chicken---Great Farm

  • Product name: 2 ml Syringe
  • Material: Solid Brass(Copper) chrome plated Syringe
  • Features: Excellent Reposition Spring and Piston Syringe
  • Guaranteed: stable top quality guaranteed--/2ml syringe
  • Brand Name: GREAT FARM

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  • Veterinary continuous syringe injector for chicken
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 Environmental control system
 Manure removal system
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■ Descriptions
2ml veterinary vaccines injection syringe

Product Name: 2ml Continuous Syringe

  • 1) Specification: 2ml dose capacity

    Other specification available for this type: 0.5ml, 1ml, 2ml, 5ml.  

  • 2) Dose adjustable: 0.2-5ml adjustable continuous syringe
  • 3) Material: First Grade chrome plated Brass
  • 4) Features: with 200 ml Large & 100 ml Small Draw-off for directly inserting the liquid bottle to the fixed position, avoid secondary liquid pollution by straightly injection. liquid bottle is placed at a specific angle for stable holding

■ Technical Data
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