Manure Scraper Machine

  • Application Broiler layer and pig house
  • Cleaning degree 95%
  • Material Stainless hot galvanized
  • power 1.5kw/3kw
  • Weight 210kg
  • manure width 1.8m

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  • manure scraper machine
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■ Descriptions
  Working Principle of the manure scraper machine:
  The chicken manure clean machine is mainly used for a variety of sheds and other farming manure cleaning such as the chicken, duck, goat, rabbit and so on. It greatly reduces the labor intensity and maintains good indoor air environment, then provide animals a good living space to reduce the incidence of the disease.
The chicken manure clean machine consists of the host seat, corner wheels, traction rope and scraping manure plates. The motor drives the gear work, turn the traction through the wheel to make the scraping manure plates run completed the dung cleaning technology.

Feature & Advantage of the manure scraper machine:

1. Using the most advanced international cycloid reducer to ensure the output drive ratio of rationality.
2. Motor and reducer has the advantages of small volume, simple operation.
3. Special thick scraper is to ensure the long life of the dung cleaning machine.
4. Scraper is made by high-precision CNC production molding, never deformation.
5. Special transmission chain is highly wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.

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■ Technical Data
Main Parameter of the manure scraper machine:

Application chicken house
Custom-made service offered Yes
Cleaning degree 95%
Material Stainless hot galvanized
power 1.5kw/3kw
weight 210kg
manure width 1.8m
manure height 0.3m
voltage 220v/380v
Size 2000*550*450/480/420mm

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