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Temperature and ligh control in layer poultry house


No conditioning of incoming air :
chills the birds - resulting to poor temperature uniformity.
Little moisture is removed from air or manure - leading to a high risk of ammonia.
Because the moisture holding ability of air changes with temperature.
20 degree F Air
The maximum amount of water 1000 cubic feet of air can hold is 3 ounces, 3oz 100%.
Moisture holding ability of air changes with temperature.
Increasing air temperature 20 degrees F roughly doubles the moisture holding ability of the air.
Conditioning of the incoming air leads to drier manure and less ammonia.
100,000 layer hens house operating two 48" fans for minimum ventilation.
Continuous side wall inlets, to obtain a static pressure of 0.10" we only need about 25ft squared per 48" fan 2, 48" fans operating is equal to 50ft squared.
500 house two rows of intes , inlet opening is equal to 50ft squared / (500 ft x 2)
which is equal 0.05ft= 1/2
This assumes the house is perfectly tight.
Hence the use of fans in poultry houses is a vital element to control and condition incoming air and increasing the ability to hold moisture, which reduces the chances of ammonia and other disease that affect your flock from over moisturized manure. 

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