Chicken Egg Box

  • Material Hot Galvanized Steel
  • Size 1520*960*860cm
  • temperature range 10-30 degree
  • Type manual and automatic
  • beam wood
  • supporting leg 3*3 angle bar

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 Layer chicken cage
 Automatic feeding system
 Automatic drinking system
 Broiler ground system
 Environmental control system
 Manure removal system
 Egg collecting system
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■ Descriptions
 Feature of the chicken egg nest system:

1. To adapt to any installation of sheds and a variety of forms
2 The use of high-quality timber production of pedal care wearable straight without thorns
3. Mop can be modified pp plastic manufacturing
4.Galvanized plate laying Designed using international standards
5. Double-decker design, points at the original size standards on height 40mm wide
6. Chilan unique anti-aircraft surface to maintain a clean egg nests,air flow of informationhas a good egg production environment
7. The use of 0.5mm high quality imported hot galvanized plate manufacturing
8. Disinfected thoroughly easy to avoid the spread of the disease
9. Service life of more than a decade, and can automatically transformed into egg cartons seized.

Pictures show:

■ Technical Data
Its structure is 24 point up and down 2 layer structure, cover, hot galvanized steel sheet, 0.5 points wall thick gable, plate, chicken plate to engineering plastics injection molding, hot galvanized steel sheet, plate before 0.8 thick support bracket is 1.5 thick hot galvanized sheet stamping forming, beam of acorus batten, leg bracket is 3 * 3 angles.

Product chicken egg box
Model 24 holes
Size 1520*960*860cm
Material Hot galvanized sheet
Temperature Control Range 10-30 Degrees
Structure Up and down two floors

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