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Cold weather cattle precautions


Coarse material chopped, washed, ammoniated

The crude material was washed with water before feeding, cut to 8 cm --10 cm. If the coarse material undernourished cows, can be ammoniated roughage treatment method is per 50 kg chopped coarse material mix 6% - 10% urea solution 25 liters, then into chlorinated pool, layer by layer practical, pool mouth with plastic film seal. Ammoniated fermentation a month to one and a half months later, the crude material open pool put ammonia, can be used for cows. Appetite clever arrangements cold weather not only a good day to feed cattle, but also fed a trough at night, day grass fed 13 kg --15 kg. Forage to achieve diversification, such as wheat straw, rice straw with hay, peanut vine, alfalfa grass.

Adding trace elements

Calcium is needed for normal growth and development of cattle to feed 0.4%, 0.3% phosphorus feed. If there is insufficient calcium, roughage for cattle feed alone, 10 grams daily calcium needs, phosphorus 5 g, 30 g --50 grams of salt, and add the appropriate amount of complex trace element additives. Drinking warm on a cold day can not drink cold water to cattle should drink warm water 25 ℃, and then add a little salt in warm water, the end of the beans.

Paul fat feeding

Paul fed to cattle fat, 40 percent of available corn, soybeans 20%, and scrap 10%, 10% barley, soybean meal 10%, 10% bran with warm water after grinding to cattle Bu Wei, feed mixing fine day feeding 0.5 kg --2 kg. Feces should be cleaned frequently wiping cattle barn within broken ground pad dry grass and soil, preventing hoof disease. Ox out of the sun every day, scrape or brush brush scraping cattle. 

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