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4 Factors Easy Cause Chicken Diarrhea


1.Salt content is too high.
In order to enhance appetite, prevent the phenomenon such as pecking feathers, anus.Add too much salt in the chicken feed, make the chicken excessive drinking water, often appear intense diarrhea.In addition.Or adding a large amount of fish meal to add more salty fish itself. Also easy to cause the high salt content in feed, cause diarrhea in laying hens.

2. Powder amount is too high.

Powder in the feed additives or increase too fast, can lead to high blood calcium in laying hens. Kidney burden, cause kidney swollen.Eventually cause diarrhea.To meet the need of egg laying hens. The amount of powder added in the diet must gradually increase as the rate rise.

3.The crude protein levels are too high.
Some raise animals in order to make productive big chicken eggs.Used to increase the proportion of soybean meal in the diet.Soybean meal content is too high, the body is not completely absorbed.Thus stimulating the intestine, accelerate metabolism, resulting in chicken droppings yellow thinning, lower feed conversion rate.Generally laying hens crude protein requirement of around 16%. Protein content is too high, or eggs can be compared imbalance. Easily lead to laying hens liver and kidney function decline, resulting in a large number of deposits of uric acid salts, even causing gout disease.

4.Raw material.
Feed raw materials such as corn, peanut meal and other mildew. The toxins can stimulate and disrupt the intestinal mucosa of laying hens, increase the permeability of intestinal mucosa, causing diarrhea in laying hens.

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