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How To Correctly Use Chicken Nipple Drinkers


1.Choose chicken drinkers

Chicken drinkers have cup type,tower type, nipple type and so on.Different chicken drinkers suitable for different chickens.

Different valve opening force nipple drinkers suitable for different chickens, such as the 40 grams valve opening force apply to adult chickens; 10 grams open valve force apply to adult chickens and chicks.

In addition, when choose nipple drinking fountains, we also should to pay attention to the quality of the products.Particularly pay attention to sealing.Check whether it is leaking.

2.Mounted and use nipple drinkers:

Mounted:Chicken nipple drinkers mounted in two ways, one is mounted above the cage; the second is mounted above the front of the cage. Due to water drops in the manger, we can guarantee chicken dry and easy maintenance, but drinking the following feed is wetted.

Use:Chicken nipple drinkers installation must be standardized, or easy to cause uneven water supply and other issues. After nipple drinkers installed we should immediately supply water, because the newly installed drinking, chicken feel fresh, with a beak to peck, peck on the results of the water, it formed a conditioned reflex,when chickens feel thirsty,they will go to peck. If water supply is not timely, chickens can’t pecking anything, they will do not peck, do not know to go to the water to drink.

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