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Closed And Open Building Types Of Layer House


At present, the building types of layer house has two kinds: closed and open.
Closed type henhouse is also called the windowless chicken coops, the hen house in addition to set up emergency window, when power is temporary open a window ventilated take a breath, is normally closed, using artificial lighting, mechanical ventilation, mechanical feeding, mind one-time nightsoil, chickens under artificial control of closed environment, the less interference, is conducive to the growth and development of chicken and egg production. But one-time investment, high construction cost, illumination, ventilation, cooling by electricity. Are very much dependent on the power, the power consumption is very high, no power can't use. Due to the closed henhouse breeding density is very big, summer must have good ventilation cooling facilities, otherwise there will be a hot dead chickens and rate decline phenomenon.
Open henhouse also call a hen house window, use of natural light during the day, by the switch window to regulate the temperature of a powder with ventilated take a breath and control. The hen house have good forms: one kind is window of brick structure of the hen house; Another kind is developed by Beijing agricultural university open shutter henhouse, depends on the rise and fall of shutter to adjust the ventilation pervious to light and temperature control. Shutter tunnel ventilation is good, but winter season heat preservation performance is poorer, only used for south of north China region. Open henhouse low cost, the use of natural light, natural wind, natural heat, so the energy-saving province can, but can't control the illumination, vulnerable to the interference of external conditions.
If management is proper, open or closed henhouse henhouse, also can get high yield. At present our country most farm USES is open henhouse, and compare the neurotic types of chickens raised in closed henhouse may better, the hen house, quiet environment, the stimulation of chickens is not affected by the outside world, can keep high yield and stability.

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