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How To Correctly Transport Chicks


1.Chicks out of their shells,marek's disease vaccine, after a period of rest,then can transport.The faster, the better transport chicks,the best time is 8-12 hours.If the long-distance transport, it is best done within 24-36 hours,in order to facilitate a timely start eating and drinking,Replacing halfway feeding and drinking trouble and loss.Transportation time is too long, on the growth of the chicks have bigger influence.

2.To observe the conditions of the chicks in transit.If you find chicks mouth breathing, sounds sharp, show the inside temperature is too high, should be promptly ventilation.If chicks get together, creak barking, indicating that the inside temperature is too low, to insulation work in a timely manner.In transit, the optimum temperature is 25 ℃.Do not stop in the process of transportation, attendant should prepare some easy food to eat in the car.

3.Chicks on arrival, car body need to be disinfected before entering the farm,Unloading process faster, action to light, steady, and pay attention to the wind and cold.For breeder,should according to the department, gender into separate brood, do a good job in isolation.

4.Early spring transportation chicks should be in the noon of the day. the car has heat preservation measures.Long-distance transportation on the way, someone must keep beside the chicks, observing the chicks,Avoid hot dead, suffocated, crushed to death, crushing, freeze to death, and so on and so forth, so as to take timely measures to guarantee the normal transportation.

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