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Rearing of bred chickens


 Through the adjustment of the feeding plan and the light plan can adjust the laying age of laying hens, Early production, the number of eggs increased, the egg weight is too small;The weight of the laying hens can be adjusted by limiting the feed, need to provide enough chicken to breed, to exercise its ability to digest food, but also need to provide adequate clean drinking water.

 Diet transition program: about 7 weeks old, with body weight and tibia length as the standard. If 6 weeks old, up to standard, 7 weeks age gradually replace feed; If not up to standard, continue feeding the brood feed until it reaches the standard. When the proportion of non-compliance is large, we must find out the cause and eliminate the disease.

Purpose and method of feeding restriction:

1. limit food intake, prevent excessive weight, inhibit sexual maturity.

2. limiting diet nutrition level, saving feed (10%--15%), reducing the dead cleaning rate in egg laying period.

The note of feeding restriction:

1. start time: limit feeding usually from 8---12 weeks old, 18 weeks ended.

2.correctly grasp the amount of feed, feeding opportunities equal: the number of chickens should be counted correctly, each feeding amount to weigh accurately;

3.prevention of stress: Due to epidemic prevention, transformation, transport, beak, disease, high temperature, low temperature, etc., lead to stress response, should stop feeding, switched to free food intake, after rehabilitation, continue feeding restriction.

4.Limit feeding for the purpose of reaching standards: weighing every week, real-time observation, determine the amount of feed (reduce 10%---20% is appropriate)

5. other: Before feeding restriction, choose sick chicken and weak chicken, avoid increasing the number of deaths during the limited feeding; use the limited quantity method, require good quality of diet, limit feeding and control light combination

Added gravel: gravel can be mixed into the diet, can also be placed separately in the sand tank; feed rinse, 0.01% potassium permanganate disinfection; 5% eggs at the age of 18 weeks, plus 2% to promote bone development.

Drinking water: each chicken's drinking water position: 2 - 3 cm; drinking water hygiene, water fountain location unchanged, brush once a day; high temperature, cold water, and often replaced.

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