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Feeding of chicks


 1. drinking water requirements

First drink: add 5%-8% of glucose, antibiotics, vitamin C or electrolyte nutrient solution

Temperature: 3 days before drinking cold boiled water, 4--8 days gradually transition, after 9 days of drinking tap water

Observation: Help chicks who don't drink water drink water, there is no shortage of water during the brood.

Water dispenser: the number of drinker is adequate and evenly distributed. It is highly suitable for preventing clogging (water bottle position is 1.3--2.5 cm)

The water drinker is cleaned and disinfected 1--2 times daily; it is better to use the nipple water drinker after 20 days. 

2. feeding requirements

Open food: the first feeding (preferably in the daytime) should be 2--3 hours after the initial drink, 24--36 hours after the shell. Premature food consumption is harmful to the digestive organs and is harmful to the absorption of yolk; too late to open food will consume the body strength of chickens, leading to chicken weakness

Timing: once every 2 hours on the day of eating, then feeding 5--6 times a day, from 6:00 am every 3--4 hours feeding one time, each feeding time 45 minutes --1 hours.

Quantity: according to chicken feed, feed properly, leaving no residue, ad libitum.

Quality: pay attention to feed nutrition and palatability, choose digestible raw materials, pay attention to feed shape (preferably broken material, or powder can be mixed with moderate amount of warm water into a semi dry powder feeding)

Feeder: pay attention to quantity, size, height and layout

Prevention: 7 days old before, adding 0.2% oxytetracycline and 0.04 furazolidone to prevent of pullorum disease.

About 11 to 12 days old, doubling the vitamin, and add 200 grams / kg of vitamin K, is conducive to hemostasis, prevent heat stress.

Cage breeding 40 days old, ground breeding 20 to 25 days old, adding drugs to prevent coccidiosis.

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