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How To Improve The Egg Production


How to improve the egg production

1.Thermal Insulation And Heat
In general, winter and summer two season of laying hens egg production is low.
In winter,Openhen house heat retaining property is very poor.The hen need to eat more food decompose the fat in the body to protect themselves against the cold.This not only leads to physical decline hen, but also affect the feed conversion rate.In summer, when temperatures exceed 27 ℃,Chicken breathing,heart rate, water quantity increase, the feed intake, egg production decline, the egg size, thin shell, so warm in winter, summer heatstroke ensuring breeder egg production is very important.

2.Scientifically formulated feed
Chicken's age, weight, egg production and climate factors will affect the feed intake of chicken,,farm nutrient dense diet should be adjusted according to the amount of chicken feed to make the chickens get the nutrition standard.

3.Reduce Stress
Breeders in the opening phase is more sensitive to outside stimuli, which once stimulated, it will generate stress response, which led to drop in egg production.
These stress factors are migrating flocks, feed change, cold, heat, wind, poor ventilation, excessive light, vaccination, illness and so on. In broiler breeder feeding and management, to avoid or reduce the adverse effects of these stress factors on the chicken.

4.Increasing light

Test and practice proved that adding light time to laying hens can improve the egg production.Light acts on the hypothalamus by corns, stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, both of these hormones are to promote the development and promotion of a mature egg follicles, can increase egg production.
After reaching a peak laying hens should adopt 16h light, post-exposure time laying additional 1h to promote egg production increased.

5.Epidemic prevention
Strict epidemic prevention measures, and pay attention to the chickens in the breeding management, and master the chicken group health, timely treatment of sick chickens.Hen house disinfection should be strengthened, the tool should be washed clean, mosquito, fly in a timely manner.Hen house should be thoroughly disinfected before into the next batch of chicken.Chicken should be eliminated without a kind of use value, create conditions for high yield and stable yield of chickens.

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