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What insulation cost is low in winter chicken coop?


How to keep chickens warm in winter? What is the low cost of insulation for chicken coops? In winter, the temperature of the chicken house is low, which has a greater impact on the growth of the chicken group. The farmers need to keep the chicken house warm, so how to keep the chickens warm? What is the low cost of insulation for chicken coops?

How to keep chickens warm in winter?

1. Heating of coal burning furnace
Using a coal burner to heat the chicken coop is one of the most common heating methods at present. This method is relatively stable, but it needs to be added several times at night. It is quite cold at night in winter. It is also very hard work to add coal to the chicken coop. If no coal is added at night, it may cause the temperature of the chicken coop to drop, the chickens catch a cold, and even die together.
It is also necessary to pay attention to the problem of gas poisoning when heating the coal stove. If the flue is not tightly sealed, chicken gas poisoning may occur. In order to achieve the thermal insulation effect, the chicken house must be tightly sealed, which may lead to chicken gas poisoning.
2. Heat preservation lamp
The heat preservation lamp can be used appropriately according to the situation of the chicken coop, but although the heat preservation lamp is simple and convenient, the heat preservation effect is not good, the local temperature is high, the surrounding temperature is low, and the temperature is uneven. The use of heat preservation lamps for heating requires electricity and is easily affected by external factors. For example, power outages caused by bad weather can easily cause a sudden drop in the temperature of the chicken house. It may also cause a short circuit or fire due to the aging of the circuit.
Three, flue heating
Such heating methods generally have operating rooms. Heating is carried out in the operating room outside the chicken house, and then the flue is in the chicken house, and the temperature rises directly from the ground to ensure that the temperature of the chicken house is balanced. When constructing the chicken coop in this way, the cost is higher than the previous two. The temperature difference before and after the chicken house will change, but the effect is not too big.
When the chicken coop is idle and during renovation, the flue must be checked. If the flue is blocked, the heating will be blocked and the temperature of the chicken house will not rise. When I was at a farmer’s house together, I encountered the chimney falling into the bricks, and I did not check them out. The temperature did not rise after the chicks arrived at night. The chicks caught cold all night and only found out the next day.
Four, heater
The conditions for raising chickens are getting better and better. Many farmers have also bought heaters. The temperature of the heaters can be automatically controlled. In this way, people will be more relaxed at night. But the cost is relatively high, not suitable for long-term use, suitable for use in cooling weather, the temperature can not rise, or emergency heating after a power failure. Nowadays, the general use of heaters is to use a coal stove to heat, and then set the warm air. This method is also used more in the brooding stage.

What is the low cost of insulation for chicken coops?

Insulation chicken coops are made of foam sandwich panels as thermal insulation materials, and magnesite materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, cement, and other materials as surface reinforcement materials. The buildings have thermal insulation effects and are also construction environment safe. The basic type of livestock and poultry houses. It is commonly known as the inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic thermal insulation chicken coop. The thermal insulation chicken coop is a new building material product in the rural poultry breeding industry. The product uses the advantages of high strength of magnesite cement, easy combination with organic matter, heat insulation and sound insulation, etc. The prefabricated factory and on-site construction are traditional The organic combination of magnesium products and new thermal insulation materials.

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