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Tips for heat preservation and heating of hot blast stove in chicken farm


As the weather turns colder, most chicken farms in the south use hot blast stoves to keep the chickens warm. The following are precautions for the use of hot blast stoves in chicken farms:
1. The hot blast stove needs to be matched with the house-in-house or the insulation rack to achieve better thermal insulation effect. Therefore, when building the house-in-house, the space in the house-in-house should not be too large, the top should be flat, the seal should be tight, and the double-layer should be built if necessary At the same time, pay special attention to the low temperature of the rear part of the chicken farm during use, and it is necessary to add auxiliary heating equipment such as charcoal boiler in time.
2. Prevent air drying: The hot air blown by the hot blast stove accelerates the increase of moisture in the chicken house, and intensifies the dryness of the air in winter and spring, which can easily induce chicken dry feet, respiratory tract and other diseases, so when using the hot blast stove, For proper humidification, spray or sprinkle can be used.
3. The normal use of the hot blast stove requires the operation of the fan, so it is necessary to formulate a plan for the heat preservation of the chicken house when the hot blast stove cannot be used normally during a power outage. Conditional raisers can provide their own generators or temporarily use other methods for heat preservation during a power outage .
4. There is always an open flame during the use of the hot blast stove, so pay special attention to fire safety. Fireproof materials should be used for places that directly contact the heat transfer pipes, and pay attention that the film or hemp bales cannot directly contact the heat transfer iron pipes, and the chimney should extend out of the roof of the chicken house and cannot directly contact the roof foam to avoid fire.
5. Pay attention to the fire prevention and theft prevention of the stored coal, wood and other thermal insulation materials to ensure safe and effective thermal insulation work in winter and spring. Exclusive to, reprinting must indicate the source

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