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What to do if the chicken coop is wet in winter?


What to do if the chicken house is wet in winter? If the chicken house is too humid, it will be particularly harmful to the chickens. Especially in winter, how to prevent the chicken house from being wet?

The hazards of damp chicken coops

1. High humidity hazards
When the humidity of the chicken house is too high, the feces will decompose and produce more harmful gases, which will cause the chickens to have more respiratory diseases. The humid environment is also very easy to cause the frequent occurrence of coccidiosis. The brooding period and high temperature occur together, which can easily cause suffocation death of the chicks.
2. Low humidity hazards
If the humidity is too low, the chicks are prone to dehydration and slow-growing. If the humidity in the chicken house is too low, it is easy to cause dust in the chicken house, dirty air in the chicken house, and respiratory diseases.

What to do if the chicken coop is wet in winter?

1. Pay attention to ventilation
In winter, when the temperature is low, the chicken coop should control the ventilation volume. When the temperature is lower than 15 degrees, the wind speed should not exceed 0.1 to 0.2 meters per second. Also pay attention to the prevention of thief wind. When the ventilation volume is suitable, ventilation should be carried out according to the machine. , Good output, contradiction between ventilation and heat preservation.
2. The stocking density should not be too large
In winter, the temperature is low, many farmers will increase the stocking density to keep warm, but if the stocking density is too high, it will cause the chickens to be crowded, which is not conducive to moisture prevention. The chickens raised on the ground should pay special attention to the proper stocking density.
3. Leaking drinking equipment
It is necessary to strictly prevent the leakage of drinking water utensils. Once discovered, they must be sealed or replaced in time, and the leakage should be cleaned up in time.
4. Change bedding frequently
The bedding must be kept dry and hygienic, and the bedding must be replaced in time when it becomes wet.
5. Regular cleaning
Clean up the ground garbage and feces every day, at this time, reduce the main factor of dampness in the chicken house.
6. Disease control
In winter, actively prevent and treat bacterial enteritis and viral infectious diseases that cause the moist floor of the chicken house, such as Newcastle disease, chicken transmission, chicken coccidia, etc.
7. Improve the microclimate in the chicken house
In winter, the chicken house is mainly insulated, and the temperature of the chicken house should not be lower than 12 degrees. In case the temperature is low and the humidity is too high, heating equipment should be installed.

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