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The simple production method of 1T fermented feed


 The aim of direct-fed microbial is use the subsidiary agricultural products as main material through microbial metabolism, Formation of rich nutrition, good palatability, high content of beneficial bacteria living biological feed or feed raw materials to made the fodder become more abundant and easy to absorb.

The method as below:

1, Strains of dissolved

A:Add 1kg brown sugar to 20 or 30KG 30℃ ater and mixed.

B: Add solid spawn first and mixed,then add the liquid spawn and mixed.

C:Place an hour.

2, Add water to mixed Bacteria to 300kg.

3,mix with 700kg fodder.

4,Fermentation in the bag or vat

5,3 or 5 days later, Smell wine aroma is mature fermentation.

Use the fermentation fodder in long-term can improve the premonition, immunity of pig,and reduce 80% group morbidity.

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