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how to calculate the air rate of the layer house ?


 International basis of calculation is according to per chicken weight to calculate,adult chicken is different from chick,they can't calculate simple by the quatity of the chicken.

layer chicken per kg weight need minimum air rate is 0.9 Cubic meters per hour

layer chicken per kg weight need maximum air rate is 6.6 Cubic meters per hour

layer chicken per kg weight need air rate fixed value like following:

Adult layer chicken need 4.76 Cubic meters per hour

Baby layer chick need 3.68 Cubic meters per hour

Weight value:adult layer chicken 2.3kg  

Baby layer chick 1.5kg

Considering the error between theory and infact,it need multiply by 1.2-1.4 at the final result.

Besides,in order to avoid the big wind speed bring harm to the chicken,usually we ask the air rate speed below 1.5 Cubic meters per hour when it enter the layer house in summer.

the air rate speed below 0.3 Cubic meters per hour when it enter the layer house in winter.

According to this date,need arrange every air part reasonable.

How to calculate the install proportion of the fan and the cooling pad

The air rate can confirm all the air in the layer house can change one time is the maximum date;that is the volume of the layer house(longth*width*height) divide the capacity of per fan(Cubic meters per minute),then can get the number of the fans.

For example,the house longth is 84 meters,the width is 12 meters,the side wall height is 2.5m,the roof height is 4m,then 84*12*(2.5+4)/2=3276 cubic meter,3276 divide the capacity of per fan,(the house air rate*80%) 45000 Cubic meters per hour can get it.

600 Cubic meters per minute is 3276/600=5.46=6 sets

But in fact,many companies air rate can’t reach 45000 Cubic meters per hour,please attention!besides,15cm thickness cooling pad has very high requirement about the fans,when we use the cooling pad,the negative pressure need between 0.05-0.1

In fact,please remember the following words:

About the calculate of the fan’s number, use the cross-sectional area*air speed divide the air capacity per fan,the house air rate is the longth of the layer house divide 60 second.

The area of the cooling pad calculation,the whole air rate divide the air speed through the cooling pad. 

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