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hicken house should stay away from roads


As for the chicken house, the first is to choose a good place. The first condition of this place is to stay away from roads, villages, preferably within 1 km. It's a chicken character – they are timid.

In the farm free-range chicken farms, if the breeder hold feed bags to feed the chickens, flocks of chickens will approach and follow him until up to the feed. However, if the breeder is a stranger, though very quietly and carefully of behavior, but chickens will still be surprised.

In addition to a stranger, human interference and sound stimulation, will affect the chickens to eat not well, as well as sleep well, which affect the quality of eggs. Chickens once stimulation, egg production is likely to fall 5%. This drop in egg production, and that earnings might be reduced.

This shows that the chicken are really timid, if a chicken farm is bustling too frequently, will bring the nerve stimulation for chickens. In order to avoid this issue, choose to stay away from the villages and roads to built a chicken farm. It can avoid traffic noise disturbance to chicken, and also avoid their interference because of the excessive movement of persons.

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