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Factors affecting duck breeding performance


Mating age

The mating age of ducks should not be too dry. Early mating will not only adversely affect their own growth and development, but also have a low fertilization rate. Generally, egg-type male ducks mature earlier, and the age of mating is better than 5 months old; meat-type male ducks mature later, and the mating age is better than 6 months.
Male and female matching ratio
The breeding performance of ducks varies greatly depending on the type of breed. Generally, the suitable ratio of male and female matching is: egg-type duck: (2-25), combined-type duck: (15-20), meat-type duck 1: (5-8). The age factor of breeding ducks is generally about 1 year old with strong sexual desire and strong breeding ability.
Feeding management factors
Under good feeding conditions, especially for grazing ducks, the breeding performance of male ducks will be greatly enhanced due to the abundant animal feed.
Male and female group time
Before the breeding season, proper early gregariousness can improve the fertilization rate of female ducks. The ratio of male ducks in the early stage of the herding can be slightly higher. For example, the ratio of male to female of laying ducks can be 1: (14-16) at the beginning, and it can be changed to 1:25 after 20 days.

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