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Graceful Golden Pheasant


Golden Pheasant is also called golden rooster. It is a beautiful bird that is a specialty of my country, and Baoji City in China is named after it.

It is the most beautiful bird watching at home and abroad. Slim body and light walking. The male rooster can grow up to 1 meter in length, and is dressed in red, green, blue, yellow, and purple feathers. It looks handsome and luxurious. In recent years, due to the rise of home decoration fever everywhere, there is a huge demand for ecological specimens such as golden pheasant. At the same time, there is a large demand for parks, nature reserves, artificial gardens, villas, etc.; at the same time, it is a high-end and rare handicraft, and it is also very popular in gift shops and handicraft shops. Specimens made with it. Long-standing reputation in the international market. Each export price is 80-100 US dollars: in the domestic market, each specimen sells for 700-800 yuan, and the supply exceeds demand.
The living habits and management methods of golden pheasant are basically the same as those of pheasants. Can adapt to freezing temperatures of minus 170c and 35. High temperature above c. Artificial breeding only needs to supply enough feed, drinking water, and keep a quiet environment. The hen is sexually mature in one year. Egg production starts in April every year, and it stops until September. During the breeding season, the male bird occupies a mountainous area and often croaks of "chat, quack, quack" to attract females to mate. After mating, the female bird lays her eggs in a nest on the ground in the shade of the forest and hatches and broods. Compared with male birds, female birds are brown all over. Densely covered with black spots, without a crest and shawl. This plumage color helps the female to conceal herself when making a nest on the ground.
Golden Pheasant inhabits mountain evergreen broad-leaved forests, coniferous broad-leaved mixed forests and coniferous forests at an altitude of 500-2500 meters. The altitude is lower than that of Golden Pheasant. It also inhabits forest marginal shrubs, grass slopes and dwarf bamboo forests. Foraging near farmland in winter. Perch in a hidden place in the canopy at night, and under the tree during the day. More than 4 to 5, or a small group of more than 10, can reach 20-30 in winter. Very good at running, but poor flying ability. It often feeds on the stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of plants such as Elaeagnus, raspberry, and rose. It also eats various insects and small invertebrates. More than 30 types of food have been recorded.
The breeding method of Golden Pheasant is a one-male multi-female system, usually 1 male bird with 2 to 4 female birds, the breeding period is 4 to 6 months. The courtship process of Golden Pheasant is very beautiful. When the male bird woos the female bird. It will show off its "dress". It walked towards the female first. While whispering, circling the female bird or running back and forth quickly and observe the color, wait to stand in front of the female bird. The gorgeous feathers of the male bird are fluffy outwards. The colorful shawl feathers cover the head, much like a folded fan. The wings close to the female are slightly lowered, and the other wing is raised. The colorful feathers on the wings, back and waist are all displayed in front of the female. The tail also tilted over. Make the beautiful tail feathers and cover feathers appear very bright. Simultaneously. Gaze deeply into the eyes, and communicate with the female bird. At this time, the female bird has been dazzled by the male bird's gorgeous feathers and a series of show off actions. From time to time there is a "sizzle" envy sound. Omen is willing to "heal".
As early as more than 200 years ago. Westerners introduced golden pheasant to Europe for breeding. It has become the most common breeding pheasant in zoos and wild animal farms.

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