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Several problems that should be paid attention to when weighing breeders


Whether the weight control is up to the standard! It is a ruler that measures the success of feeding restriction and whether the daily feeding management immunization program is reasonable, as the main method of weight detection! Weighing will be very important. The author has been engaged in breeding and management of breeder chickens in recent years! In the production, the problems pay attention to in weighing are introduced as follows, for reference by the peers, and the weighing must be calibrated before weighing! To be accurate, the knife edge is precise and rust-free! Improve sensitivity, must have If a certain number of chickens is less than 300, if only the group is included, it must be weighed more than 30 to fully reflect the accuracy of weighing.

During the weighing process, all personnel must be patient and careful! Do not treat the chickens roughly because the chickens affect the weighing, especially the weighing personnel. The weighing must be stable! Be sure to read accurately, not too fast, when weighing for the first time It is necessary to feed anti-stress drugs such as electrolytic multivitamin, which is said to be important and representative, and it is best to adopt a diagonal method to weigh chickens in flat rearing. The caged chickens should be placed at designated locations and the chickens should be marked. Sampling should be random. The number of chickens in the pen must account for 10% of the number of chickens in the pen and all the chickens must be weighed. Can't pick chickens.

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