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Construction method of broiler breeding greenhouse


Simple plastic greenhouses require less investment and can be built in deserted beaches, forests and other places without occupying arable land. Currently, they are the main way to raise broilers in rural areas. Broilers are prone to respiratory diseases in winter and spring. If you want to raise broilers well, you can pay attention to the following technical requirements for greenhouse construction:

Shed site selection and specifications The shed should be built in a place with dry terrain, close to water sources, and no pollution, and generally does not occupy arable land. The east-west direction is better, which is conducive to ventilation and lighting in winter and spring. Generally 20-30 meters long, 2.2-2.5 meters high, 8-10 meters wide, arched.
Greenhouse materials and construction The construction is 30 meters long, 10 meters wide and 300 meters wide. Generally, a greenhouse requires 800 bamboo poles of 4 cm in diameter and 2 cm of bamboo poles; 50 kg of plastic film; 30 prefabricated cement strips, iron wire, wheat straw, linoleum, etc. are needed. Both ends and the leeward side of the semi-permanent greenhouse shall be built with hollow cement bricks. Level the site and raise it 15-20 cm above the surrounding ground before building. During the construction, firstly, the wooden piles or cement strips shall be buried 1.5 meters on each side of the left and right sides of the central axis of the site, and one shall be buried every 2 meters. The left and right are symmetrical and the height is the same. Secondly, use thick and thin bamboo poles vertically and horizontally and fasten them with iron wires, and fix them on the poles. The vertical and horizontal bamboo poles should be spaced 30 cm apart. Then put on a plastic film, cover the film with 15-20 cm thick wheat straw, flatten it and lightly compact it, and cover the upper layer with linoleum. The thatch is used on the plastic film on the sunny side to facilitate lighting. A ventilation hole is set on the top of the vaulted roof every 3 meters. The surrounding plastic film should be properly extended to facilitate folding and sealing of the greenhouse. For the convenience of brooding, an underground Huilong Kang can be built at one end of the shed, and it is separated from the production shed with a double-layer plastic film as a brooding room.

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