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What conditions should be followed in the construction of a broiler house?


What kind of chicken house construction is suitable for raising high-quality broilers? The construction of chicken houses suitable for the production of high-quality broilers mainly includes two categories: open chicken houses and environmental control chicken houses.
1. The degree of openness of the open chicken house depends on the local climatic conditions, from opening windows to opening on all sides.
2. The internal conditions of the environmental control chicken house should be maintained as close to the highest requirements of the chicken as possible, so it must be a fully closed chicken house without windows. ; Artificial lighting instead of natural lighting is used in the chicken house; when the temperature is high, the chicken house should be cooled, and in the cold season, artificial heating or the use of the chicken's own heat can be used according to different regions to keep the temperature in the house at within the comfort zone. It should be noted that the construction cost and production cost of the environment-controlled chicken house are significantly higher than that of the open chicken house, but the production performance of the chickens is better.
The construction size of high-quality broiler chicken houses should be determined according to the scale of chicken feeding, the convenience of management, the economical cost and the full use of labor. When the weights of marketed broilers were 1.4 kg, 1.8 kg and 2.3 kg, the number of chickens raised per square meter was 17, 13 and 10, respectively. The width of the chicken coop is generally about 9 meters during the construction of the chicken house. This width is suitable for most automatic feeding equipment and is conducive to maintaining proper ventilation. The length of the chicken house depends on the size of the chicken and the condition of the site. High-quality broiler production is best done with single-story buildings. For chicken houses with a scale of more than 2,500 chickens, they should be raised in separate pens in the house. The advantage of this is that it is conducive to the growth of high-quality broilers, and it is convenient to catch chickens when they are sold.

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