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Chicken equipment - layer cage


egg cage
The single size of the laying hen cage is generally 450 mm in front height, 400 mm in rear height, 400 mm in cage depth (310-350 mm in shallow cage), 120-160 mm in egg collecting trough out of the cage, and 6-8 degrees in the bottom of the cage. . The feeding width of each chicken is 100-110 mm. A cage of 2 chickens, cage width 250 mm, 3 chickens - 3,300 mm, 4-5 chickens 420-450 mm. The side and rear walls of the cage are made of steel wires with a diameter of 2-2.5 mm. The thick wires are arranged on the outside with a distance of 100-200 mm in the warp direction, and the thin wires are arranged on the inside with a distance of 30 mm in the weft direction. It can prevent chickens from pecking at each other. The bottom of the cage should be made of 2.5-3 mm steel wire, the filaments are arranged at the bottom in the weft direction, the spacing is 50-60 mm, and the thick wires are arranged on the surface in the warp direction, and the spacing is 22-25 mm. Eggs that roll easily onto the egg trough. The height of the cage door is 400 mm, and the vertical fence is made of 3 mm steel wire with a spacing of 50 to 60 mm. There is a gap of 45 mm between the bottom edge and the bottom net to allow the eggs to roll out, and some add egg guards to prevent chickens from pecking eggs and cause economic losses.

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