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Advantages of Poultry Nipple Drinkers


Poultry nipple drinker is an automatic water supply system, which is widely used in mechanized layer farms and breeder farms. It is suitable for laying hens, rearing chickens and chicks over one week old. Using a nipple drinker has the following advantages:

Advantages of Poultry Nipple Drinkers
(1) Water saving: According to experiments, nipple drinking fountains can save water by 75% to 80% compared with regular water in sinks. In today's shortage of water resources, the application of nipple drinking fountains is of great significance.
(2) Reduce diseases: Due to the good sealing performance of the pipeline system of the nipple drinker, the water is not directly exposed to the chicken house, preventing dust and pathogenic bacteria from entering the water, and avoiding cross-infection caused by chickens drinking water, which is beneficial to chicken flocks. disease spread.
(3) Reduce labor intensity: the use of nipple drinking fountains saves the work of manually rinsing the water tank, and is also convenient for manual feeding, which improves labor productivity.
(4) Save feed: According to the experiment of Shanghai Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, compared with the water supply of water tanks, the 10,000-feather laying hen house can save about 8 tons of water per day, save 45.2 kg of feed, and save money per 10,000 chickens for one year 21,000 yuan.
The nipple drinker has the advantages of cleanliness, water saving, feed saving, keeping chicken manure dry, no cleaning, saving labor, increasing feed remuneration, and improving the management level of chicken farms. Nipple drinker design, sensitive and reliable, high sealing performance, rely on its precise angle and smooth surface to achieve sealing, run-in in use, the more used, the more sealed, the normal use of more than ten years.

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