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Chicken house design (scale of 5000 laying hens)


People often ask the chicken network, how to design the chicken coop, and related questions such as design drawings. After inquiring about relevant network information, we now provide design drawings on the scale of 5,000 laying hens, hoping to provide some help to novice chicken farmers.
Chicken house construction; it is recommended to use a semi-open chicken house, two-row three-story full-ladder cage, cement floor, white cement on the wall, natural ventilation, floor windows, skylights, manual or mechanical manure removal, and artificial feeding. material
1. The length and width of the chicken house: the length of the chicken house is 38.8 meters, the front aisle is 2 meters, and the rear aisle is 1.50 meters. m, aisle width 1 m
See below
2. Windows
Install a ventilation system with the upper edge of the window slightly higher than the top of the cage or level.
3. Fans (mechanical longitudinal ventilation), 2 fans with a diameter of 1.4 meters and 2 fans with a diameter of 0.80m, are used crosswise on the rear wall of the chicken house facing the aisle, and the axis of the fans is the same as that of the second layer of chicken cages.
Install the water curtain, the ridge height is 1.0 meters
5. Lighting
The bulbs should be 50 cm higher than the top layer of the chicken cage, located on the walls on both sides of the aisle, with a distance of 2.5 meters to 3 meters between the bulbs.
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